This is a heavy vocal-based duet battle based on shows like The Voice or even Youth With You where vocal pairs will go head-to-head with one another and then have a final โ€œstageโ€ where they show off the best that they can do. During the battle, each judge will be assigned to several groups and be available to help you gauge where you are with your entry.

The battle consists of two stages.

Stage 1: Head-to-head Battles

There will be NO THEME!
So go all out and show your competition what you got!

  • Pairs will be randomly matched in a versus stage battle.

  • Practice period*: From Jul 8 to 15, Vocal Judges will be available to give you tips/brief critiques.

  • Winning teams move to Stage 2.

Stage 2: The Finale

  • There will be song and vocal challenges that vary in difficulty along with point variations depending on the difficulty.

  • Teams must accomplish minimum 2pts and maximum 5pts worth of challenges.

  • Practice period*: From Aug 23 to 30, Vocal Judges will be available to give you tips/brief critiques.

  • Only ONE TEAM will be our sole winner.

*Practice period: Will only happen on the second week of the stage. This critique DOES NOT guarantee full vocal points. Judges will not interfere with scripting and will only give general critiques.


2 hours and ur still in there <-> NoyaWii

Goose Parade <-> ๐‘๐ฒโŸ๐ค๐จ

๐‚๐ซ๐ž๐ฌ๐œ๐ž๐ง๐๐จ <-> fโ—‹xโ…mรฎnts!

sic partum <-> Jadefury

Cats of the Yarn Table <-> MANTAP

A-ร‰toile-ki <-> $oulmate

0TN <-> ๐”ฌ๐”ฏ๐”ฆ๐”ข๐”ซ๐”ฑ

Amnesia <-> แ‹iฦ–iาณแ’

Sweety&Creepy <-> 6C

typeAB <-> Stโ˜†rryโ˜ฝosmos

KeySmash <-> แฏแ™“แ‘Žแ™€แ™ญ

่’ผ็™ฝ็‚Ž (p a l e f l a m e) <-> FumaโœฝRu

III <-> No Hurry

Kumito <-> ReSโˆlve

Armoland <-> ๐‘‘๐‘ข๐‘ฃ๐‘’๐‘ก ๐‘š๐‘œ๐‘œ๐‘›

Celestia <-> SYMPHONIA

Dazzling Darkness <-> Monochrome

Ace Race <-> โ„ญ๐”ž๐”ฉ๐”ž๐”ช๐”ฆ๐”ฑ๐”ถ โœฉ โ„œ๐”ฆ๐”ฐ๐”ข

Sayuki <-> ๐‘…๐‘ˆ๐‘†๐ป๐ธ๐‘…

Wake up at 4PM <-> aurโœนra

QXN <-> ๐™ฒ๐šŠ๐šœโ€ ๐šŽ๐š•๐š•๐šŠ

Twixkโ˜†t <-> noi

Unity Live! <-> Chipper Choppy

7th Attempt <-> A:๐•๐„๐๐†๐„๐‘๐’

Ureshii Aroma <-> sharkus

Identity:Daylight <-> โMollis Maculaโœฏ

เน‡เนŠHUH - Team <-> mizuna

Deezโ™ฆNutz <-> Dreamland Reunion

Mama Tom Yum Goong <-> Moon Tea

ampersand <-> ใ‚ฑใ‚คใƒ’ใƒ‘ใƒณ

x = โˆ’b ยฑ โˆš(b^2 โˆ’ 4ac) / 2a <-> terosaur

Butterflies <-> Mโ€™RuKo

ASTRAL MILE <-> HazRozel



Teams must accomplish minimum 2pts and maximum 5pts worth of challenges.

Teams can only do maximum 3 Easy challenges, i.e. you cannot do 5 Easy challenges for 5 pts.

For similar challenges (ex: E1-M1-H1), only the highest applicable will be accounted.

EASY (1pt)MEDIUM (2pts)HARD (3pts)
[E1] Sustain a note at least 15 seconds.[M1] Sustain a note at least 20 seconds.[H1] Sustain a note at least 25 seconds.
[E2] Sing a 15-second a cappella.[M2] Sing a 20-second a cappella.[H2] Make an a cappella arrangement of the entire entry.
[E3] Cover a song from before 2012.[M3] Choose a song of at least 150BPM.[H3] Choose a song with varying BPM.
[E4] Include adlibs that are not originally in the song.[M4] Include a 5-part harmony.[H4] Ornament a line with a trill.
[E5] Make up your own rap section.[M5] Sing in coined word/constructed language (kaoling, NieRโ€™s chaos language etc.)[H5] Incorporate tasteful vocal riffs/runs in 4 parts of the song.
[E6] Include a minimum 15-second mash-up.[M6] Do a vocal run that lasts for 10 seconds.[H6] Incorporate at least one part of vocal scatting for 6 seconds.
[E7] Cover/make a jazz arrangement of a song.[M7] Choose a song with little to no notes above C4.[H7] Include a whistle note in your entry (anything above C6).
[E8] Cover/make a rock arrangement of a song.[M8] Make the entire song multilingual with 3+ languages.[H8] Seamlessly transition singers in the middle of a line.
[E9] Add a screamo line, OR cover a song that requires screaming.[M9] Show examples of correct vibrato within the song.[H9] Choose a song that forces the vocalist to sing in their passaggios.
[E10] Have the same vocalist sing softly and belt within the same song.[M10] Have both vocalists sing softly and then belt within the same song.[H10] Include examples of โ€œspeak singingโ€ in the song.


Overall Scores, Ranks and Vocal Ranks will only be shown for Top 5 teams.

Dropped teams will have their Ranks as 18 for sorting purpose only.

Click on each column header to sort.

ASTRAL MILE-76Finalist
โ„ญ๐”ž๐”ฉ๐”ž๐”ช๐”ฆ๐”ฑ๐”ถ โœฉ โ„œ๐”ฆ๐”ฐ๐”ข-76Finalist
Cats of the Yarn Table-76Finalist
Goose Parade-76Finalist
No Hurry-76Finalist
Moon Tea-76Finalist
่’ผ็™ฝ็‚Ž (p a l e f l a m e)-1818Dropped
Dazzling Darkness-1818Dropped
Dreamland Reunion-1818Dropped
KutoZAI -1818Dropped
Sayuki -1818Dropped
Unity Live!-1818Dropped
x = โˆ’b ยฑ โˆš(b^2 โˆ’ 4ac) / 2a-1818Dropped

Stages Timeline

Timeline might change depending on the number of submitted entries in Stage 1.

Official timezone is UTC/GMT + 0

Registration StageJun 1 - Jun 25
Stage 1Jul 1 - Jul 31
Judging Period 1Aug 1 - Aug 15
Stage 2Aug 17 - Sep 16
Judging Period 2Sep 17 - Sep 30
Result AnnouncementOct 4

Hosts & Judges

host & vocal judge

art by @Nana_misa9


art by @IPXakachi

vocal judge

art by @udon_118

vocal judge

art by @ysrstkw

vocal judge

art by @unkot0

mix judge

art by @IPXakachi

mix judge

art by @Hakushaku_Ari

art judge


art judge

art by @__Zen8

animation judge

art by @ChaiTeeths

animation judge

art by @Nacaro_Kirliana

Rules & Guidelines

For information about usable items, please visit The Green Room.
For information about Scoring System, please check out our Sample Scoresheet and Scoring Rubric.

Team Composition

  • Must have exactly 2 vocalists per group.

  • Maximum of 6 other positions (Mix/Anim/Art)

  • You can double up on roles in a group but youโ€™re NOT allowed to join more than 1 group.

  • You may NOT register as an incomplete team. Your team must have at least one person in each staff role and at least two vocalists to be registered and listed on the team registry.

  • Teams must elect a team leader as the main point of contact for the CB staff, as well as a backup leader in case the regular leader is unavailable.

  • Teams may be altered freely during the registration period, but the staffs must be notified each time. If you fail to comply/contact the staffs, there may be a small deduction to your final score.

  • Anonymous groups are allowed, however, when registering you must write your teams' anon and real aliases. Only the staff will know your real aliases.

  • All team members must have an active social media account which is not private.

Song Choice

  • Songs must be a minimum of 3:00 in length and only a maximum of 6:00.

  • All genres are allowed.

  • All languages and made-up languages (such as kaoling's songs) are allowed. But for non-English songs, please provide an English translation.

  • Original songs are allowed.

  • Translyrics are allowed. Please make sure you have the permission to use the translyrics if your group doesn't create it.

  • Usage of artificial vocals/harmonies/adlibs is NOT allowed.

Entry Guidelines

  • Entries must be titled as ใ€SDB-S#ใ€‘ Song Nameใ€Group Nameใ€‘#SonoraDB (S# being S1 or S2)

  • Video description must include: Original song credits | Group members credits | Assets credits

  • You will be required to submit the followings with your entry:

  • Final MP3, wav and acapella files

  • Script and English translation (if applicable)

  • Illustrations Folder

  • Assets document

  • Pinterest, weheartit, sketchy wallpaper engine sites, etc. DO NOT count for resource crediting. Youโ€™ll be deducted 2 pts for each sketchy link. No questions asked.

  • You DO NOT have to credit CSP brushes/AE effects/plugins/fonts unless the companies or creators stated otherwise.

  • Alternate Upload Link (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. or other video hosting sites such as Vimeo) in case we are unable to watch your entry due to copyright.

  • A document or detailing of what challenges you did and where they first appear in the entry. (Stage 2 only)

  • A timed raw mp3 of your entry (Stage 2 only)

Grace Period

  • 1 point is deducted every hour in the first 12 hours.

  • 2 points deducted every hour in the last 12 hours.

  • You can have a maximum deduction of 36 points.

  • Teams who submit their entry after the grace period will be disqualified, unless they contact us before the end of grace period for a render-based extension to use one of the items.

  • If, during the video rendering process, you encounter issues (such as repeated render failures or abnormally long render times), you may request a render-based extension.

  • For a render-based extension, please go to The Green Room channel in our Discord server and provide the following:

  • Team Name

  • Screenshot proof of your whole screen with the current render time

  • Item youโ€™re using (Scones and Roses or Fanta of the Opera)

  • If you use Fanta of the Opera, remember that the original 24 hr grace penalties will automatically apply to your group but will still allow entry submission. If you fail to upload even after the extension, youโ€™re disqualified and we wonโ€™t accept your entry.

Rules & Policies

  • We have zero-tolerance regarding harassment, defamation, bullying, disrespect, and discrimination towards anyone. Such behaviors will result in immediate disqualification of the whole team.

  • Plagiarism, copying or tracing of any type of media will result in immediate disqualification of the whole team.

  • Participants who join more than one group will be immediately disqualified.

  • Missing LINKS/FILES will leave your entry unprocessed. You will be asked to upload them before we accept your submission.

  • Make sure links are viewable! Itโ€™d be easier for us if we didnโ€™t have to contact leaders to change the sharing permissions.

  • DO NOT send us a zip/rar file link for any of the files. DO NOT LINK anything that AUTOMATICALLY downloads onto our computer. They will NOT be accepted and youโ€™ll be contacted to re-upload/submit them properly.

  • Entries that fail to follow the guidelines above and fail to provide sufficient information upon staffs' requests will be disqualified (if Grace Period has passed).

The Green Room

Items must be used in The Green Room channel via our discord server only. No DM will be accepted.

Macaroon 5Swapping a memberTemporarily swaps one member of your team out for someone else.
Chai-kovskyAdding a memberPermanently adds one extra person to your team, as long as youโ€™re under the member limit.
Scones and RosesGrace immunityWaives the first 4 hours of grace point deductions. (Can only be redeemed ONCE when grace starts)
Fanta of the OperaEntry extensionExtra 24 hours past grace period. (Can only be redeemed ONCE when grace starts)


  • Our priority

  • While most chorus battles choose to put even emphasis on all aspect of an entry, we've decided to stray from that, and give the vocals a chance to have more impact.

  • As you can all see from the scoring system, with Sonora DB, mixing and visuals will only be considered "vehicles" to enhance your beautiful vocals. We DO NOT encourage contestants to place too much attention especially on the visuals department.

  • Judging & Critiques

  • Besides vocals, contestants WILL NOT be able to request critiques from any other categories.

  • For MIX/ART/ANIMATION categories, we will emphasize more on how you have successfully utilize them to improve your vocals and the entry as a whole, while also taking your skills into consideration.

Rushing vocals to prioritize other aspects will not do you any favors in this battle.
It is highly recommended that you put more focus on the vocals to make the most of your entry for our battle.


Each member* of the winning team will receive:

  • one bust-up art.

  • one Youtube or Twitter banner using the bust-up art.

  • one-month Nitro Discord subscription.

Prizes are sponsored by our Art judges ZEN & LIE, Vocal judge Seika and Host negi.

* Note: Only members who participate in both Stages will receive all prizes above. Members who participate in only one of the Stages will only get one-month Nitro subscription.